Professional Background:

I am currently a IBM Social Software Specialist, focusing on Lotus Connections and enterprise social software business value, use case scenarios, and adoption techniques.  I enjoy talking with our customers to help them understand how our solutions can help them be more open, help their employees break down traditional communication boundaries, and drive innovation into their business.

Previous IBM positions include technical sales support of all Lotus products.  I am a Computer Science graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Personal Background:

Semi-typical American woman, wife, and mother of 2, trying to figure out how to fit everything I have to do into 24 hours.

Favorite TV Shows of the moment:

  • Oprah – tells me what to read, what to wear, what to eat, how would I survive without Oprah?? 😉
  • Grey’s Anatomy – might be getting a bit too soapy, but I still like it
  • Mad Men – Love this show!  And, I can follow the characters on Twitter
  • Spain On the Road Again – Makes me want to quit my job and eat my way around Spain
  • The Office – I would gladly work for Michael Scott

Guilty Pleasure:  Pointless celebrity gossip, once I start reading/watching, its hard to stop.